Before training your dog to listen to any commands, you must first develop a relationship with them. The strong and noble German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is one of these lasting favorites. This characteristic is part of their breeding as a working dog. If you don’t have time to work on the training than avoid having your dog in situations that he might try to protect you. We both want her to feel comfortable and loyal to us both and aren’t sure if this is a breed characteristic. They originate in Germany and were bred to herd sheep. German Shepherds are also very protective. We want to know if our German Shepherd bonds well with others or if she is a one-person dog. The more the German Shepherd spends time around many people, having fun, working, and living, the more likely they are to have a special bond with many people. While adult dogs rescued from difficult situations may be the most likely to over-bond to one individual in a new home, ... Then there are the breeds traditionally thought of as "one man dogs" - German Shepherds and Akitas come immediately to … If that person is you then it can feel quite flattering and even makes you feel like you have bragging rights. please let us know. This breed learns very quickly and is efficient so that training will progress to other areas. If you want to do training with him at some point during the party you can, but be willing to take him back to the quiet room if you need too. Socialization is important training for all dogs. It’s a good idea to make a list of your Germans Shepherd’s favorite things. However, in general, female German Shepherds may be a little bit more willing to extend her bond and love to include more people. Not only does training give your Shepherd the mental stimulation he needs, but it really … They will respect their owner and caregiver more because of this routine or schedule. However, the person how is their main caretaker will be THE one they bond with most. The person that is the leader is the one that they will be respond to more. They bond with the person who cares for them and understands their needs. German Shepherd dog can be more loyal to one person but not only to him. Yes and no. link to Is it Normal for Jack Russells to Sleep a Lot? Start walking your dog for about 40 minutes or more every day, during this time the two of you will bond. If we think of this situation as when they were with their littermates or how children respond to their caregivers and family, it is easier to understand. German Shepherds are considered a “one person” breed and generally bond with one person in the family. The females are more likely to become protective over their family and snuggle up to make sure they remain safe. link to Are Labradoodles Prone To Separation Anxiety? He needn’t protect you if you aren’t there. If possible, embrace it and continue to create ways for the German Shepherd to bond with others! That is the person who feeds them, walks them, brushes them, and spends the most time with them. Even people who like dogs might not be up for the challenge of having a German Shepherd lunging, barking, and snarling at them. Step 1. Yes, German shepherds can bond with one person because of their loyalty but with early socialization and training your German should bond with your entire family and others. With time, patience, and hard work, this dog will have a special bond with everyone. German Shepherd … After a few minutes call him to you, have him do a few tricks and then offer a treat. Plus, they will devote themselves to you. Everyone hides and then people take turns calling the dog, when the dog finds them he gets praise and a treat. This situation doesn’t mean that they cannot bond with others in the household or family. This person will likely take care of their needs, food, water, sleep comfort, walks, and playtime. This is an important part of socialization but it’s not the whole story. When a dog joins a human family, invariably it begins to develop a special bond with only one person often seen as its leader, and the selection process may depend on more than just instinctual pack animal behavior. It was originally bred by Captain Max von Stephanitz as the “perfect herder,” starting in 1899. Their character is one of the reasons they are chosen to work with the military and police. German Shepherds tend to be “one person” dogs. The hallmark of a German Shepherd is its ability to bond with and remain loyal to those they love. Since they are a very active working dog, they require a lot of physical activity. Those who wish to bond with them will find success in bonding over activities that offer the German Shepherd a chance to expel their energy and perform some work. Be sure the trainer uses positive methods that do not harm the dog in any way. Our goal is to provide well researched, scientifically based articles that are helpful and accurate for dog owners. You will need to be vigilant and keep the socialization as positive as possible. One-person dogs are devoted and attached to one person as a result of a special bond that creates between them and their humans. However you train the german shepherd is how it will be. Meanwhile, males tend to be very oriented to one person. If you were thinking of adopting a German Shepherd, you should reconsider. Of course, a male will love the rest of the family, but don’t be surprised if everyone comes to understand the special bond that your male German shepherd has with “their” person. Do German Shepherds bond with one person? They do not do well if left in isolation from people and other companion animals. Gaze Deeply Into Their Eyes. It must be noted that German Shepherds do tend to select which person in a family or household they bond the closest. Wait, isn’t this the breeder’s responsibility? Are you worried about why your buddy is too hyper?,,,,,, The last thing you want is a dog that is in protect mode to feel pain. You need to get your German Shepherd used to all sorts of situations. This is especially true for the German Shepherd. Male German Shepherds are thought to be more likely to bond closely with one family member over all the others, while female GSDs are thought to be more likely to … Sometimes people will misunderstand this loyalty for favoritism and think that it means they can never be loyal to more than one person. You cuddling on the couch with your significant other. In addition, physical affection solidifies the bond between dog and person. Dogs are great, right? The Whoodle is a designer breed. This person becomes the person who knows them the best. A female is usually more protective of all the people in the household and not just one person. One of the Whoodles parents is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier while the other parent is a Poodle. A German Shepherd will bond with the other people of the household but not to the same degree that they are bonded with “their human.” This can be an issue in some cases where the German Shephard may try to protect “their person” from other family members. The German Shepherd is a large breed dog. You might notice your champ sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day, wondering if it is normal for Jack Russells to sleep this way. The German Shepherd is a dog breed that was bred for work. Have everyone be involved in the care of the dog. Good GSDs are hard to find. Feed the dog together, walk the dog together, do training sessions together, play games together with the dog. For the German Shepherd, spending time together is the most important. While they bond with one person, they can bond with many people, particularly those in their household or family. There needs to be trust and mutual respect and friendship between you and your German Shepherd. This loyalty usually requires that they bond very close and sincere with one person in particular. Put him in a quiet room with a stuffed Kong or bone and let him rest there during the party. Half of your … We also participate in programs from eBay, CJ, Bluehost, Clickbank, ShareASale, and other sites. German Shepherds are the very last breed that you should consider as a family dog. They will receive care, love, and have their needs met by the mother dog. When someone in the households has some extra time then they can pick an item and enjoy that activity with the dog. For example, in a family with two parents and two kids, the dog may favor the parent who fills their bowl every morning and takes them for a walk every evening. German Shepherds attach to one owner more than other members of the same family but this won’t be determined straight away. Simply walk away and hide behind a closed door. This is especially true with german shepherds. This bond creates the right environment for the German Shepherd to easily trust someone and do their job. However, the German Shepherd dog is one of the most loyal dogs in the world. In some instances, a German Shepherd will try to guard his person from other people and animals including those within the household. For instance, you’re hosting a party with lots of people. German Shepherd Bond Better with the person who cares and knows his needs. This will help to make all the household members more valuable and bonded to the dog. German Shepherds make great family dogs, but males prefer to bond with one owner. German Shepherds bond with one person. This breed is a very loyal dog breed, but they do adjust easily. The German Shepherd mother will teach each pup the expectations of them. The German Shepherd will show their close bond with one person by staying close to that person’s side. Training in obedience and socialization will ensure a strong bond between the owner and German Shepherd. Other times can include caring for, feeding, and grooming them. But most dogs tend to bond to the person who gives them the most attention. Winston is a longhaired German shepherd. *Pricing Disclaimer The best and most important way to do this is by spending time. They will be protective, loving, and affectionate to their family or household members but feel that one person is their caregiver. You get the feeling that they would die for you without a second thought. He will know better how to handle all of these scenarios as he grows up. She is an adorable and loyal pup, but she seems to be growing extra, especially attached to me. They have the capability to bond with more than one person, but this training takes time and patience. Is it dangerous? A Germans Shepherd may try to protect you from other family members or friends. If your German Shepherd has not been trained to protect you then it would be unlikely that it would protect you physically. Over time the breed adapted and changed a bit. When all else fails, it may help to remember that this close bonding has a purpose for them and their owners and families. They originate in Germany and were bred to herd sheep. Like the other newbie pet owners, you might be wondering about Jack Russell's hyper behavior. This protecting or possessiveness of you is a muscle and the more it gets to work the stronger it will become. This closeness will show up as following them around, sitting at their feet or beside them, and looking at them for what to do. And in the wild, each member of the pack understands their duty to work for food and water. We also want her to be a friendly dog that can spend time with the kids and grandkids. A german shepherd will normally favor the person that provides them with the most care and spends the most time with them. They are generally tolerant of children as well as do well with other animals provided they are raised around them or gradually introduced. Being a German Shepherd’s favorite person can be quite flattering. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Something as simple as a hug from your mom or your toddler could make your German Shepherd try to jump in to “save the day.”. Have this list posted on the fridge. Males tend to bond with one person in particular and be more territorial over that person. for the day with approximate times. Males on the other hand often become protective over one person and will just snuggle with one person. They have the capability to bond with more than one person, but this training takes time and patience. German Shepherds can especially attach to only one person; however, they can also be loyal to multiple people. This job can vary from dog and household but most often includes guarding and protecting those around them. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Perhaps someone in your household is doing training tricks with your German Shepherd for fun. Dividing up the duties of your German Shepherds care is a great way to help your dog bond more strongly with others in your home. If there is someone in the home chosen to be the natural leader or management, this person should take the initiative to become the German Shepherd’s primary caregiver. Embora Pets is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. They will try to stay with you as much as possible. Give him a good walk or exercise session before the guests arrive. They will respond to your commands over that of other people. This can be particularly bad if the dog tries to protect a parent from a child or tries to keep spouses away from one another. After your dog realizes you have gone he will likely back down. German Shepherds are understood to be exceptional family pets who succeed with all family members. This can translate into shyness around or suspicion of strangers. The other littermates are on the same level as them, so they will consider them equal, family, and bond with them differently. It can occur at any stage in your dog's life but is more common in puppies or dogs that have recently been... 12 Whoodle Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting One(A Guide To The Poodle Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Cross). I mean you love your German Shepherd but it’s nice to be able to be close to other people and animals. Yes, there are many ways to create a secure bond between the owner and the German Shepherd. The close relationship between the German Shepherd and one person allows them to be the best dog that they can be at whatever they do. In many ways, it makes sense that this would be their favorite person. Especially if you have a small dog or pet that likes to paw at you or otherwise be close to you. It will also help him to learn the difference between mutual desire for being close and unwanted attention. It is an easy way to establish who the leader is; you provide the food that they eat. If you are the German Shepherd’s person, he will stop mid-trick and come to you, even if the other person has treats. However, there can be a downside to this. German Shepherds are very sociable dogs. Sometimes I feel like many people assume that a … Do this before the German Shepherd selects someone. It will help him to know when he should and should not intervene. You can increase the bond that a German shepherd has with everyone in the household. What Is A Whoodle? by micheleambernick on 29 October 2010 - 16:10 In some cases it seems that females tend to bond with men and males tend to bond more with women. Another example would be a training situation. So, if you have a family and want your German Shepherd to bond closer to many family members vs just you, a female might be a better option. Emer has been around dogs all of her life. German Shepherd Dogs tend to be Loyal with one person who feeds, train, and spends more time with them. The last thing you want to do is scare your guests to death (especially kids) so be sure to let people know if you intend to use them in your training. This loyalty doesn’t mean that other people in the household or family shouldn’t feed them, play with them, talk to them, or instruct them. Are you worried about your Jack Russells’ sleep pattern? Do group games and training sessions with your dog. One person connection. However, this is not always the case. The best way to promote this bonding with others is to ensure that the activities are fun and enjoyable. A German Shepherd Dog is not a golden retriever. The female German shepherd is more likely to bond equally with more than one family member (aside from the principle person responsible for training and meals). The relationship is slightly different from what they have with the one person they consider their natural leader and caregiver. Dogs learn to lick and kiss during puppyhood. My wife and I recently adopted a German Shepherd. Since the German Shepherd is a very loyal breed that will bond with its humans, they are a perfect addition to the family dynamic. Go for walks together. Will he never leave your side? Is that any issue with them? If you’re the person who gives them food, takes them for walks and spends a lot of your time with them, then you’re the one they’ll bond with the most. This time must be spent in different scenarios, including training or teaching commands and socializing. This could be other pets in the household or the pet of a visiting friend. This routine or schedule will also establish respect in the German Shepherd because boundaries and rules are set that they can understand. Who is your German Shepherds favorite person? The difference between male and female German Shepherds is pretty small. This shows the dog that you love him, you just don’t like his possessiveness of you. What will you do with your protective German Shepherd? Well,... Is it Normal for Jack Russells to Sleep a Lot? German Shepherds can form attachments to multiple people with a preference for one man, woman, or child. At a young age, she learned all about caring for dogs from her father, a top Irish breeder. This bonding is natural for them since they will be very protective of those in their family or home and take care of them. All German Shepherds come from a dog called Horand von Grafrath. ... How is it that dogs form a bond with a new person? However, they will always be partial to one person who they perceive as the pack leader. Write down each meal, walk, etc. Normally we think of socialization as introducing a dog to all kinds of people, dogs, and animals. Of course, make use that the pup knows you are not mad at him. In fact, for the past ten years the German Shepherd has been … Then when it is completed by someone in the household they can put their initials by the task they completed. German Shepherds also make excellent sniffer dogs and excel in search and rescue. Loyalty and high intelligence are some of their strong suits and why they are so extensively used in military and police work today. Read on to find out. Shepherds are not as well-known for bonding with only one person as some breeds, like the Akita or Chihuahua, but they are known to be the type of dog who can form very strong attachments to … Embora Pets is the ultimate resource for learning everything about your new pet, or information when trying to find the right one. Puppies will usually form their strongest bond with whoever they choose as their true master within the first 6 months. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that this could be a very bad situation. If you go to hug your spouse and your German Sheperd charges in to protect you from them. This is usually not a problem, though in some instances it can be a bad situation. The close relationship between the German Shepherd and one person allows them to be the best dog that they can be at whatever they do. Private training classes in your home or at a training facility can be of great help! The German Shepherd is the closest humans will ever come to “man’s best friend.”  With their loyal and devoted nature, they form close bonds with the person who cares for them and spends most of their time with them. The German Shepherd is a dog breed that was bred for work. A German Shepherd may also try to protect you from other animals. Will he ignore all others? However, this motivation can not be the primary method of bonding between owner and German Shepherd since they are not primarily motivated by their stomach. Once they make a connection and bond with their “favorite” handler or family, they tend to stay extremely loyal to them. Dr, Brian Hare, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University … link to 12 Whoodle Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting One(A Guide To The Poodle Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Cross). They need attention and companionship. This work historically required that they spend a lot of time with their human companions while doing their job. When you combine these techniques with good socialization this is your best opportunity for a well rounded and well behaved German Shepherd Dog. Do German Shepherds bond with one person? It’s fun for the whole family! She currently has two dogs, Lady Millie the Border Collie and Alfie the Springer Spaniel. This bond is typically strong and also felt by the owner or caregiver, which they connect. This leadership is how they accept training, commands, and anything else they need to learn to do their job or perform in any aspect properly. German Shepherds will bond to some degree to everyone in their household. Well, this is,... We are passionate about pets and love sharing everything we learn about them. As with all socialization make sure your pup has a positive association with all the scenarios. I do know that German Shepherds are one person or one family dogs and they tend to bond most closely with the person who feeds and cares for them, or the person they like best. This characteristic is part of their breeding as a working dog. You German shepherd may go for a walk with or listen to someone else in your household, but if you are there too, your German Shepherd will want to walk closer to you and listen to you more than the other person. Male German Shepherds are larger and stronger than females. Are Labradoodles Prone To Separation Anxiety? A GSD can bond almost entirely with one person but still protect everyone that belongs to the family unit. Yes, the German Shepherd is a dog breed that tends to bond especially profoundly with one person. You are not aware of this and call the dog to you. How do German Shepherds show affection and loyalty to the person that he bonds with? This situation is very far from the truth. In the case of the GSD, the breed-specific function is herding and guarding. Females are often more accepting of strangers as well. Here are 15 reasons German Shepherds make terrible family dogs: 1) They Are Hardwired For Work They bond with the person who cares for them and understands their needs. Will he always obey you the instant you ask him to do something? A great training game is hide-and-seek with your dog. Well, if you are the one that your German Shepherd is bonded too, then he will typically be more attentive to you. If the dog is protecting you then your best bet is to remove yourself from the equation. They can be completely relied upon during stressful situations. Unlike Humans, Dogs are indiscreet in declaring their allegiance to one person in family. I've had 3 dogs in my lifetime, and I don't plan on stopping there! In those cases, the best way is to invest in times and efforts so that there can be developments in both security and confidence. Though the breed as a whole is aloof with strangers. The person who wishes to bond the closest with the German Shepherd must spend adequate time with them. Secondly, having a schedule or routine that owner and dog follow will create a secure bond because it gives the dog something on which they can depend. It might be a good idea to keep track of these things on a whiteboard. You may not want to spend the entire time doing training with your dog because you are busy preparing food, answering the door, chatting, etc. Therefore, German Shepherds tend to be extremely protective of their home and the family they share it with. They will learn from that person, follow their lead or command, and accept care from them. Allowing them to spend time with others in varying situations will help them bond with others. Health conditions develop from a poor diet, genetics, neglect, and lack of exercise and care, for both sexes. They make excellent family dogs, because, although they sometimes pick one person as their special person… It was obvious to everyone that she was a one person dog and I was that person. Loyal To One Or Many? Once the need for herding declined in Europe, Von Stephanitz promoted the German Shepherd as the ideal K-9 worker. Playtime, adventures, and just spending quality time together, teaching, and working side by side will provide a natural and comfortable bond. Separation anxiety is very common across all dog breeds, and not just with Labradoodles. They can’t help but kiss or lick you. This can be a dangerous situation as well. German Shepherds usually bond closest to the person who provides them with the most care. This will help the dog to build a stronger bond with all people in the household, because everyone knows what the dog loves, not just “their person.”. The German Shepherd is a large breed dog. The more your German Shepherd can experience these things as a puppy the better. It can also include affectionate moments spent between the German Shepherd and other people. This character is one of the reasons they are chosen for some very serious occupations in our community. When their close bonding and sharp intellect are combined, they are efficient at their chosen profession, whether that is guard dog or something else. She is now a dog breeder, former champion show dog handler and cup secretary of the Cairn Terrier Association of Ireland. Bond with Your Dog . The bonds that they form with others will never take the strong relationship they have with their leader and caregiver, similar to the bond they share with the mother dog. German Shepherds are loyal, steady, intelligent, and should be confident. Arguments where no one is really in danger, but there might be raised voices and door slamming. Do German Shepherds Bond With Only One Person? For those families or individuals that don’t mind this form of loyalty, it can create a strong bond between owner and dog. The kids being scolded or put in time out. Yes, the German Shepherd is a dog breed that tends to bond especially profoundly with one person. Training. Like people coming over and greeting you and your family, even giving hugs and kisses. You can even fake an argument. This will help him to generalize that you don’t want him to protect you from everything. The dog will observe how people yield space to one another on a tape-marked floor. 1. Ask them if it is okay. Work on this as often as possible and in as many different settings and with as many different people as possible. There is another part of socialization that is often overlooked but is super important especially for breeds like the German Shepherd. If you want the geman shephed to just like one person it could be that way,but mostly german shepherds bond with there owner a … Treats are a great way to create a secure and happy bond between owner and German Shepherd. The littermates are no less loving or affectionate, just different. Puppies lick their … German Shepherds are considered a “one person” breed and generally bond with one person in the family. Use it as a training tool. Your German Shepherd comes from a long bloodline of working dogs. They can be vicious, disobedient, and too rough to have around your children. Another way to build your dog’s bond with all members of the household is just to have multiple people involved with each task. Yes, there are a few things to do that help a German Shepherd bond with people other than their primary caregiver. German Shepherds can bond sequentially, such as between handlers in the military or police. These can include any work that the owner and German Shepherd might perform together side by side, and tricks, or other fun activities. For the German Shepherd, the person who cares for them is the one they consider their leader. The German Shepherd is now mostly seen as a police and military dog, though he can still herd sheep. If the German Shepherds protectiveness feels like more then you can deal with on your own, seek the help of an expert. This is a great way to protect your guests and your dog. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All of the information you will find on our site is based around our core values as dog lovers. Their hard-working and protective nature will naturally flow to those around them, creating a safe, loving, and thriving household.