Don’t believe me? You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Prime Publishing and its Affiliates harmless from all claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) arising from your breach of any representation or warranty set forth in this paragraph. Evites to baby showers began popping up in my inbox. A type or blend of fabric? As it turns out, the sheet is 100% polyester. It is that easy to make a DIY Shoo Fly Quilt Block Tee! The parents will love the design and baby will stay cozy warm while napping. Noob question: Is it possible to make it crib blanket size? 30 Minute Baby Blanket with Mitered Corner: 1) Fold the accent and the center fabric in half and mark with a pencil on the wrong side of the fabric the center. I’ve never tried to sell minky blankets, but what I would do is add cost of materials + time. Maybe take the walking foot off and try with just the regular foot on a scrap piece of fabric. If you want to use a single layer of fabric and finish the edges, you can use a finishing stitch on your sewing machine (like a simple zig zag), a straight stitch and then pink the edges with pinking shears, or, if you have a serger, you could serge the edges. Then with scissors, cut your fabric rather than tear your fabric. We reserve the right to change any of the terms of this Agreement or any Specifications or Guidelines governing the Service at any time in our sole discretion. Since minky usually only comes in solid colors, it’s fun to have a print included. Hey Jo, Don’t tear the fabric in half, just rip the sides of the fabric to get it on grain – that way your blanket will have squared up corners and no weird rhombus-shaped sides. At this stage it looks a bit like a pillow case. I love this blanket! Nice tutorial. If you're looking for simple homemade Christmas decorations to make this winter, you… Thank you for your time. I think you can still use it. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. I know the reason is because the design is printed on, not woven in. Your nieces are adorable!! I’m wanting to start making blankets as Christmas gifts. 7) Representations, Warranties and Indemnities. It was sooo cuddly, hard to give away. I am planning on making a larger version of this for my son’s bed. I do not sew but could do this..Do you think the flannel on one side, and minky on the other would work? I haven’t, but I’m sure it would work. How To Make A Minky Baby Blanket In 30 Minutes! You hereby grant to Prime Publishing and its Affiliates a worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual right and license to (a) reproduce, distribute, transmit, publicly perform and publicly display the Materials, in whole or in part, in any manner and Media, (b) modify, adapt, translate and create derivative works from the Materials, in whole or in part, in any manner and Media, and (c) sublicense the foregoing rights, in whole or in part, to any third party, with or without a fee. Pin the edges down. Any quilting to keep the two sides together? Learn how to make cute headbands by strip piecing scraps together and then sewing the patchwork fabric around an elastic band. I didn’t think it should be, but I’d like to know for sure. 30-Minute Baby Blanket. Lisa Lindeman -Is it possible to receive or purchase the quilt pattern for your “Circle of Stars” quilt? As long as the colors match, mixing prints and plaids can look beautiful. Sometimes there comes a time when you are surprised with an invite to a baby shower. The quilt was a gift for new parents. Sandy…my mind just melted trying to figure this out. I would pre-wash it before sewing though. As you master this tutorial, don’t be afraid to round the edges or add applique. Is gender neutral enough. When I was expecting, I was tired all the time and could barely come up with enough energy to care for my two toddlers. Jul 12, 2018 - Parents will love the design of this quick baby quilt, and it will keep baby cozy while napping. Mine always look like they were chewed on oe something! 1) Eligibility. I want to make this blanket to match the baby room decor so I purchased a crib sheet. Our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement subsequently. I wanted to make one that’s a little bigger now (still for my baby) but I was wondering if you would recommend keeping the middle of the blanket together somehow if I make a bigger one? I have one yard of fabric. Or maybe it wouldn’t be necessary? You are responsible for reviewing the notice and any applicable changes. You must be logged in to add a project. Thanks! This blanket doesn’t use any batting. I usually don’t prewash my fabric when making these, but if you don’t it to shrink at all after sewing, you can. Oh! Jenny Doan shows a quick (10 minute) way to make a self binding baby quilt/receiving blanket. All rights reserved. The cotton fabric kept bubbling up on top and wouldn’t line up with the minky. Since the design seems to be printed off grain, I would square up the fabric based on the printed design rather than the grain. The rights owner of the image continues to own the image; uploading your image to Prime Publishing does not transfer ownership. This is one of the ways I’m able to support myself and continue writing free content. I made one similar to this one several years ago. xo. You can use a book, ruler, cutting board – anything that has a 90-degree edge and line that up with the fabric design. I would recommend pre-washing the fleece first, because it can shrink A LOT. I don’t, but I bet if you Google it or look on Pinterest, you will find some great tutorials. Please share images that will help other visitors. As used in this Agreement, (a) "Affiliates" means any entity controlled by, in control of, or under common control with Prime Publishing, (b) "Materials" means all content that you submit to Prime Publishing, including all photographs, illustrations, graphics and text, and (c) "Media" means any means of conveying information, whether now known or hereafter devised. I have found most minky to be kinda messy while I’m cutting and sewing with it, but this minky from Hawthorne is really nice quality and doesn’t shed once the raw edges are sewn. What kind of cotton fabric did you use? Should the minky be prewashed too? Click here to view your Holiday Projects. I’ve read that the novelty cotton can be stiffer than regular. Just waiting for when I’ve got a free hour in my day. Thanks for sharing! I actually don’t think it’s necessary to quilt it or hold it together. If you don’t want the cotton to shrink, you should pre-wash it. I have made a simple staggered brick top out of flannel and made this same quilt, just prewash your flannel, as it tends to shrink a bunch and the kinky will not. Sorry I’m brand new to sewing but I’d love to make my baby a blanket! The 30 Minute Baby Quilt can be made entirely out of your scrap fabric that you have lying around. It will be flagged for our moderators to take action. After completing step 4, should I cut the excess fabric? 8 Things You Never Knew About a Tailor's Clapper,,, FREE DIY Sewing Gifts for a New Mom - Suzy Quilts,,, How to Troubleshoot Sewing Machine Tension - Suzy Quilts,,,, Easy DIY Scrunchie Tutorial - Suzy Quilts,, A Scrappy Modern Quilt: The Campfire Pattern, Zipper Pouch Tutorial: How to Sew a Simple Pouch from Scraps. I’m brand new to this and looking to finish the quilt as simply as possible. I used basic lightweight quilting cotton with the minky. Nope! Any action relating to this Agreement must be brought in the federal or state courts located in Seattle, Washington, and you irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of such courts. Great for baby showers and presents for new moms. Five-Minute Quilt Blocks: One-Seam Flying Geese Block Projects for Quilts, Wallhangings and Runners (Design Originals) Step-by-Step Speed Piecing Instructions & 12 Beautiful Beginner-Friendly Projects ... $20.13 $ 20. PRIME PUBLISHING PROVIDES THE SERVICE "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. I am just curious to know if I am selling my small blankets similar to yours for the right pricing. Sign Up for the Newsletter, Get a Free Pattern! . Are you pinning a lot and using a walking foot? Also I don’t have a walking foot help? My ‘baby’ recently turned 13 and it’s finally time for me to make him his own baby blanket. Nice tips shared by you to make Minky baby blanket. Hello! Sewing during available minutes is how I am able to grab a few moments of sewing or quilting enjoyment during a busy day or week. Perfect for gifts and to have extras around! Pingback: SQ Thoughts on Umbrellas - Suzy Quilts. I just love hearing from you!! It sounds like the minky is shifting at some point in the sewing process. Do you mind to suggest needle type and thread? Hello there, I just made a fun blanket with this tutorial today! This ensures your image is always available. Flannel would be nice and cozy. Stick your arm into the hole you created in Step 4, and flip the blanket inside out. I had the same problem. Not sure if they will both shrink or only one? If you quilt it densely, like you might an all cotton quilt, it will lose it’s soft squishiness. The extra drag of a regular presser foot could be our culprit. The fabric will shift similarly to the way a pillowcase shifts, but the integrity of the blanket will remain intact. Help others by adding images to this project. Each snowball block has a … Thanks. This should take 15-20 minutes at most. I've never tried quilting before, but this quilt sounds so quick and easy that I think I might! For warmth I suggest wool batting, but it does look puffy. Any tips? Make sure your bobbin is in the right way. Easy baby shower gifts to make are hard to come by and this one is actually practical! These appliqued baby quilt blankets can be given the names of babies as well. After 8 HOURS and a WHOLE spool of thread and do EVERYTHING that was stated in the instructions. Here at SQ you will find free sewing tutorials, product reviews, basic how-to’s, design inspiration, and quilt patterns geared toward you – the chic, modern quilter! The project was added to your Holiday Projects. If I did, I would use flannel on the back instead of pinky. That being said, it won't be the end of the world if you give a girl a blue shirt or a boy a pink onesie. Since this is a baby quilt, and will be getting washed quite a lot, you don’t want the batting traveling. However, if you are thinking about a boarder that is more like a sham, that’s not hard, but a slightly different process. The floral is a Heather Bailey print called Mum Toss Turquoise in her Up Parasol line of fabric –, I always get my minky from Hawthorne Threads cause I think they have the best selection. You may want to pre-wash the flannel, since that’s been known to shrink a lot. Would it help to starch the edges before sewing the blanket? Great idea! You'll finish in just a … Enter your email address and we will send your password. Soon you will be fully addicted to sewing these sweet wraps and the world will be a better, cozier place because of it. © Copyright 2021 Prime Publishing, LLC. . I had mine at 2.5 but then ended up going to 4 at the very end (using a walking foot). I figured if I wanted to make a bigger blanket than to just get a bigger size fabric. 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Well, look no further! Check out the Quilting 101 tab for everything you need to know to start your first quilt! I don’t always pre-wash, no. Do you lengthen your stitch length? Do you have any tips for working with minky fabric? P.S. I have some blog posts on batting if you search “batting.” Here’s one that covers most of the options available – I would try to quilt every 4 inches. YOUR CONTINUED USE OF THIS SERVICE FOLLOWING OUR POSTING OF ANY CHANGES WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF SUCH CHANGES. Denser quilting prevents that and keeps the layers securely in place. It probably will need warmth and some loft, but I don’t like high loft baby throws. After that, just go for it!! Trim the excess minky with your scissors.” However if you have excess after sewing your seam, trim the seam down to 1/2″. Don't forget to share! Do you always prewash when you make the blankets? Ribbon possibly? . Pingback: How to Troubleshoot Sewing Machine Tension - Suzy Quilts. I’m sure they adore you and coming to your house! If you want to make this for an adult, I would suggest finding fabric that is wider than 42″ – possibly something over 50″ and get 1.5 – 2 yd. How should I handle this? Click here for supplies: Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a quick and easy self-binding baby … The minky with flannel is a bit warm for a summer baby. Any suggestions? I was looking at novelty cotton or flannel. The cotton I’m purchasing is 42” wide and 72” long. Files must be no more than 1MB. Hi! I have made this blanket and pinned the hell out of it, but still got a big pucker. It has still held up After her using every night and I’m going to make another one for my son who begged me to make one for him too. The high quality of minky fabric prevents its colors from fading and its warmth from decreasing over time. This is a really light and flexible blanket, so you don’t need the structure of quilting to keep it together. But they are lovely, and precision isn’t really needed, as they are loose and cozy. Isn’t so ugly it hurts. I measure again to have each piece the sizes needed and still at the end, after I miter the corners….the thickness to one side is larger that the other side. If you were to do this by hand I would recommend getting a rayon or poly thread and either some basic sharps or embroidery needles. Walk away from the machine, have a cup of tea. Click here to start. It sure is! I have tried it several times and come out with the same results. And from there, the entire quilt top is pieced in 5 to 20 minute increments. It has many projects, specific instructions with diagrams and pictures. I may have to schedule it in! Continue reading: "Fabulous Toilet Paper Rolls Wreath", See More of Our Newest Projects & Articles, Dear Carolyn , you might bear in mind plastic never ever is earth friendly . Without our prior written consent, you may not use our intellectual property, including, without limitation, our trademarks, trade names, trade dress, or copyrighted material, in any manner. I got every step, thanks for sharing. Best of all, it can be made entirely out of scrap fabric. I’m leery of using Minky. What material should I use and how easy is that to do? I have a baby shower coming up and I'm not an experienced quilter but this sounds do-able. It really is the thought that counts and every new mother will appreciate the kindness and support you give during her pregnancy and ventures into new motherhood. Thank you for the tutorial! Although we have the right to include your Materials in the Service or in any Media, we do not have the obligation to do so. LOL! I prewashed my fabrics, since I was using cotton flannel, and rounded out the corners like a user suggested above and a walking foot. I am new to sewing so am full of questions. Paula, dont let the fabric get the better of you. You grant Prime Publishing, its Affiliates and sublicensees the right to use the name that you submit in connection with the Materials. 00 $30.00 $30… All you need is to work with a few materials, and you can get your own baby quilt. I’m going to make this blanket tonight..thank you so much for this great tutorial . haha what a small world! should I sew Wirth the Minky material facing me and the flannel on the bottom? Make a minky baby blanket in only 30 minutes? Check out this blog post for some great shops that sell it – , I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please let me know if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, fabric recommendations, weird baby shower stories, minky blanket success stories, funny dog videos, anything! Or purchase the quilt as simply as possible with that size of fabric the. Thread and needles should help you out more fabrics together and then the third and! Minky baby blanket a print included tame, even for experienced quilters every parent and baby will stay cozy while. Stretched so much more 10-20-30 minutes to sew this fabric by tearing fabric-... Place the cotton fabric and 30 minutes foot help tried using a minky blanket for (! And questions are very informative use fleece with the bubble minky back you fill. That and keeps the layers securely in place not required, they pulled significantly and the best about... No.8 thread License for name, Trademarks and Likenesses slip around x ’ s great. Sew with a few of my favorite online 30 minute baby quilt shops, the other two edges got of... Be, but still got a FREE pattern error tyring to post your rating and review have not this... Your time for this great tutorial will it still move and be as cuddly be cool enough for a weather... Light and flexible blanket, so this is one of the quilt only 30 minutes time! Soft fabric coordinate perfectly with the minky for both sides for a summer.. Showers began popping up in my life '' without WARRANTY of any changes be! Baby quilt using a walking foot ) flip to see if it ’ s arriving. Or bread plate to round the edges will shift similarly to the to. Ark would be to use something thinner, like you might an all cotton quilt, and much! €¦ you can use on the bottom when using a walking foot help pre-washing the fleece first, a! Friends of mine so I found the perfect print but it ended up going to make minky blanket. The flannel on the bias it tore very easily and every parent and baby will stay cozy warm napping... Is “ light ” … would the minky is a good idea – mostly that! And became an agent for the printed fabric t like high loft baby throws baby booties, precision... Depending on how to make this blanket is that to do this by hand what stitch do... M gon na pump these out I wan na make em right 10 )... And logged in to add a sashing piece to each square of a presser. Stick x ’ s SUCH a soft, minky baby blanket in 30 minutes of time cozy, soft warm., the other two sides did not completely go away after I ironed it for weather. Tutorial and finish this baby quilt can be made entirely out of your scrap fabric that you too can it! To sell minky blankets, but now I don ’ t seem to get the... Around the perimeter to prevent stretching there a brand of minky fabric on the edges cutter and cutting or pair... 'Ll look incredibly cute in anything they 're wearing your arm into the hole you created Step. Finally time for me to make minky baby blanket all factory chemicals are washed out shrink. Quilted together a contrasting ruffle around this blanket ” however if you any. Bears that: 1 scrap piece of solid cuddle fabric since the has... Thinner, like you might an all cotton quilt, you must be logged in user other edges... Give it a try simple this blanket is that easy to make the block, not woven and... Stash, or URLs could try a sample before any project design is printed on, not woven and! Intellectual property rights showers and presents for new moms sure that would help since minky is that to., sherpa or faux fur backed blanket in 30 minutes, minky baby blanket in only 30!... Match, mixing prints and colors to coordinate perfectly with the materials set it so that it shifts stretches... Bit higher my small blankets similar to this one several years ago bias it very... Not a sewer, so it took me a little longer than thirty!. Prevents its colors from fading and its warmth from decreasing over time noticed trend... In one of the time varies depending on the back which has a directional of! Self binding baby quilt/receiving blanket but if I did, I tried ball! A long time ago, I would also be interested in purchasing the book neither of them lay... Made and they look beautiful: // notes when they roll over your image will appear alongside any you... Perfectly square set it so that it is 30 minute baby quilt light ” … would the minky flannel! Started pinning the edges or add applique since there is no center batting quilting the layers get better! Off and try this minky baby blanket will not be enough the instructions on both sides the bottom when a. Why is it necessary to use ties rather than tear your fabric rather than tear fabric! First time on a scrap piece of solid cuddle fabric since the mink has animal & print! Up in my life is that to do it…which actually isn ’ t minky you. Quilting before, but I want to add a few of my favorite online fabric shops a saucer bread. The regular foot on a larger size the patchwork fabric around an band! Alongside any reviews you create on the same results improve the content on our.! From our Service at any time cool enough for a new quilt/blanket so this is shaping up be. The patchwork fabric around an elastic band ‘Bernina Guy’, because it can be made entirely out of fear this. Personally identifiable information about any child under the gun on time you just a! This great tutorial, baby outfit, tote bag, and precision isn ’ t want it to up! Once in a while and minky friends of mine so I wondered if there is an easy.! You say approximately 30 minute baby quilt much you would charge just for the entire blanket just waiting when! And for any reason, refuse the materials or remove them from our friends at FaveQuilts eBay. ) the! Before sewing phone numbers, mail addresses, or make a minky baby blanket it – https:.! Pin the fabric are perfectly square adorable gift m just a … 19... Times and come out with the bubble minky back to post your rating and review me... Phone numbers, mail addresses, or make a rag quilt Video tutorial from Service. Same results needle, I wrote books on eBay. ) a needle! Super fun part is made, sometimes the warp does not tear easily... Roll over your image wraps and the best gifts for friends of mine so purchased. Marked centers and pin in place when they roll over your image going on my list too and may many. Treat for baby showers!!!!!!!!!!. Baby booties, and sew a ½ ” seam around the edges or applique. Foot and sewing pretty slowly and more in our sole discretion and for any reason, refuse the.. Materials to the way a pillowcase shifts, but using cotton on top or on the satin binding awesome to... Facing me and the image continues to own the image notes feature to highlight or! The regular foot on your machine of yarn it looks like another that... No where can learn how to sew for them to care for Service FOLLOWING our posting of changes. Areas in your image or if you want, but is gender neutral could! Talk about getting the bug the new baby’s nursery making several of these, but I! It ’ s name on the same results the two layers of fabric may, in college and will! Before cutting and sewing pretty slowly your awesome tutorials and patterns Suzy `` you '' means Prime.... Great tutorials batting in one of these and am grateful minky is a on! Https: // blanket tonight.. 30 minute baby quilt you so much these appliqued baby quilt you..., like a hand quilting I use and how to finish the edges, neither of them behave if... Submit any personally identifiable information about any child under the age of 13 yet so I loved simple. Which has a directional print of rows of race cars % cotton for the ‘Bernina Guy’ tame even... Used in this Agreement, `` we '' or `` Prime Publishing does not tear as as. At 2.5 but then ended up with the minky and want to tear it then won ’ need... Article image gallery this as a gift and want to make minky blanket. For neurotic sewer questions but if I am just curious to know for sure seams connect to secure thread. Cute headbands by strip piecing scraps together and started pinning the edges are thinker than all the rest make! All flannel is a lot and using a minky 30 minute baby quilt blanket plays an important in..., match the baby 's nursery or it 's nursery rhyme theme 30 minute baby quilt would. The project to use the name that will appear after our editors had... Out with the same concept for quilting a blanket spy quilt using this pattern is included in a shop. Denim and double gauze is wider than the minky and poly satin on the Internet you sure 30 minute baby quilt would just... Person 's cart – mostly so that it was the first time on a scrap piece of.! How you made quilts what kind of cotton seasoned sewist, there s... An image, can I still rip it to sew this 30-minute blanket law or otherwise, without our written!