I love this recipe! Continue until all falafel are cooked. We’ll take another look at the recipe though and make modifications, as needed. My only issue is that I should have made more! I made your hazelnut cake this weekend and am making your falafel tonight. It held together well enough for burgers on pretzel buns. I didn’t have coriander but it still tasted just as good as my favorite store-bought falafel. Made as per recipe but soaked my chickpeas for 24hrs. Aug 8, 2019 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! I love that you have 5 falafel recipes but this one is my fav! I tried to substitute canned garbanzo beans and it was an epic fail when I tried to fry them. Unfortunately I don’t have a food processor… would the texture still come out the same? I added a scant 1/2 cup total of 1/2 coconut flour & 1/2 almond meal, for that is all I had left in the pantry. Do you grind some of the garbanzos more so they act as a binder? This was my first shot at making falafel – it was so easy and so delicious, what a great recipe! You can add two but I ask for three, because obviously. Could you bake these instead of frying them? looks so soft! They were stuck to the foil, which I had not oiled prior to placing the patties on it. Anyways, Portland is kind of a small city so I hope to bump into you sometime and I’ll be sure to say hello! While we claim no expertise on the origins of falafel, we do know we absolutely love its crispy texture and rich flavor. Served in a warmed pita with taziki, feta and tomatoes. Thanks for the great recipes, I already have my pita bread ready for our falafel meal tonight but I need to find somewhere that sells the New Sabra lemon flavor hummus because that is our new favorite :). Thanks, Cook’s Illustrated. Very tasty! We are so glad you enjoy this recipe! I chose to bring them to a boil for a minute again, then let them soak for 10 more minutes. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Bake until golden all over, 10 to 15 minutes on each side. Next time I’ll be making a double batch for sure! I tried both methods and I like the traditional one. YES YES YES. The Serious Eats article talks about this. Once the chickpeas are slightly cooled and dried, add to the food processor, along with gluten-free oat flour, salt, cumin, cardamom, coriander, and cayenne (optional). We just had Mediterranean catering from a express joint so I am swimming in falafel but I will definitely need to try this homemade recipe out to compare. My food processor is terrible so mine were vert lumpy, but I didn’t even care. My two year old wants more “fawafels”. I now have falafel crumbles. Good luck! Thanks for sharing! spanish or Italian cuisine than Israeli or Lebanese. Couldn’t have been easier and they were oh-so-good! These sound great! Also, I don’t eat garlic (causes SEVERE digestive issues and massive food hangover!) I’m partly of Lebanese descent so I’m no stranger to Middle Eastern food. Great job! I would still highly recommend pan-frying, but if you want to bake them, I’d suggest 15-20 minutes at 400-425 F. Spray them with a little cooking oil for crispness. I don’t believe this would hold up well to grilling, but once baked and refrigerated, do you think it is something that could be reheated on the grill? Hmm, did you perhaps add too much lemon? It worked perfectly. We’re so glad you and your family enjoy them, Brooke! Or would it work the same? Jan 24, 2016 - Easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with canned chickpeas, parsley, cumin, and garlic. Once the bottom side is browned, flip gently as they can be fragile. We hope you love these falafel. A simple, flavorful approach to restaurant-quality falafel! I feared that if I added more flour it would be too dry. Sep 16, 2018 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! Yum! Little crumbly but that may be due to my parsley situation, but still great! The longer you bake them, the firmer they’ll get! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Actually not JUST this recipe, I’ve made many of your recipes and follow them exactly because I know they will be excellent! I like to serve it as a falafel burger on toasted whole wheat sesame buns with garlic chili sauce, spinach, cucumber tomato — “all the fixin’s.” Thanks so much for this recipe and your site. Can’t wait to try these out. Amazing. I was very disappointed in this recipe. The entire family enjoyed these falafels. Ur awessym resipe iz sooooo yumy I luv me sum mediteanium sausage. Such delicious little nuggets of goodness! Until this recipe. Recipe from minimalistbaker.com. Feel free to share a photo using the hashtag #MinimalistBaker on Instagram and we’d love to see what you cooked up! Thank you for sharing your process with us, Tammi! well, you don’t want them COOKED you only want them SOAKED. After reading the comments, l felt compelled to chime in. ;). Whole family loved. These photos freakin’ rock, Dana. Love that spot. I’ve used my Vitamix for so many things today; almond milk, carrot ginger turmeric smoothie, potato pancakes, cashew sour cream, applesauce, carrot juice. Rinse (uncooked) chickpeas in a fine mesh strainer and add to a large pot. We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Anita! Will make again yummy. This looks delicious. They’re: Savory I had never made falafel before, but have now tried this recipe a few times, and I love it. I served the falafel on a bed of greens with a choice of tahini sauce or dill yogurt sauce and fresh pita bread. I’ve been craving falafel lately and wanted to give homemade falafel a try! I recommend sauteing these briefly in a “little” oil for that nice crust (as noted), but they mostly get their crispness from baking! Ingredients. Thank you! and i am so with you about wanting the substantialness of a burger, especially with the colder days. I also bought fresh parsley before I made this last night because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to mess this up again! This was my first falafel experience, it was yummy and super easy to make! I didn’t follow the proportions too closely, just kind of guesstimated things, and it still worked out great! I was still determined to perfect my falafel game and I was kicking myself as to why I didn’t turn to my favorite baker and cook (you!) Hmm! I’ll be making these again! I made these falafel yesterday, followed the recipe exactly. Hello! I did add about a tablespoon of ground flaxseed along with the nuts. I topped these on a kale salad for lunch and it was restaurant worthy. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Cans are good in a hurry but alter the texture a lot. You fry and bake or just bake for 40 minutes? Great recipe! The bread is always too much for me. How would you adjust the cooking time if I were to make them as more traditional falafel balls? Cooked one to test the theory thinking I’d have to balance out the flavours with more chick pea but it tastes great! Soaked chickpeas do have a better texture in the falafel but using canned tasted delicious as well! It forces me to randomnly respond away from the intended comment I’m directing my post. It helped the insides steam up nicely – I prefer my falafel slightly less crumbly – while the outside got golden. TIA, You can also try new way of falafel cooking , press Dough in tart pan and bake for about 45 minuets or until get light golden, when it done turn it in plate and garnish with fraid potato cubes, eggplant, cucumber, sliced tomatoes,parsley, cooked chickpeas and tahina sauce. This looks so delicious! Genius! Boil for 1 minute. Great Falafel thanks, yum from New Zealand….. Chopping the parsley, onion, and garlic very fine instead of using a food processor seemed to do the trick just fine. We ask because it seems other readers have really enjoyed this one! Hi Julie. Falafels are one of my favorite dishes because they are really tasty and you can change what you use to cook them and change the sauce. I made them and the mixture tastes good but the patties would not stay together and they crumbled into pieces very easily. Can you make the paste a day ahead of time and then pan fry the next day? I prepared fresh garbanzos today, and then used teff flour and cooked them in an avocado oil greased muffin pan. Do you think it would work to freeze the “dough” raw and fry from frozen? So appreciate your suggestions! Use to work on a farm growing collard greens, but I didn’t appreciate them like I do now. I’ve never commented before- No really. Thank you. Just saw your recipe and am going to try it tonight. I’m kind of smitten with these burgers. We usually call mediterranean cuisine that of countries west to Greece and Cyprus (little meat, plenty of vegetables, legume soups and olive oil). The batter was the perfect consistency and didn’t need any adjustments. xo. What’s not to love? Maybe I could have substituted the parsely with spinach? Now I’m in Europe and still haven’t found any good Falafel here. Yum! And we definately have more influences from the Middle East, due to the fact that we belonged to Ottoman Empire until quite recently in modern history, and also received many greek refugees from the western coast of nowadays Turkey after World War I. #vegan #glutenfree #falafel #dinner #recipe. It was wonderful and I loved how easy that recipe was (and that I got to use up the swiss chard in my garden)! These were amazing!!! Hi Suzanne, it sounds like the batter may have had too much moisture. Thanks for sharing! I made heart shapes out of them and gave them to my partner, brother and flight instructor. Wish I had oiled my foil as they got a bit stuck but they had a great texture and a good taste. Any recommendations on how to use them for this recipe? Served them with the hummus dip and they were gone in seconds. Proof: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. My two teenage girls and I made these last night and they were delicious. We’d love to see what you come up with. I recently found it and I think it may be the best I’ve had! It was delicious! HOWEVER, I serve these to clients who will eat them 12 hours later, at minimum. So I had falafel crumbles. Swoon! I just have a question: I froze some of the raw batter for tomorrow. Jul 22, 2016 - 10-ingredient, classic vegan falafel - gluten-free and pan-fried to perfection! I eat a LOT of falafel and they’re probably the best I’ve ever had. Also used spring onions and a generous helping of onion powder as didn’t have any onions. Bake for a total of 30-40 minutes, flipping once at the halfway point for even cooking. Sometimes mint as well and green onions. 14 ingredients. And I did not fry them in the skillet, just bake them, and they still had a lovely brown, burger like crust. Thanks for the recipe! They turned out crispy and look perfect! I did not have any trouble keeping the burgers together. The fried ones are definitely better and I served those to my family. Aug 3, 2020 - Beautiful bright pink beet falafel made with 8 simple, wholesome ingredients. I use mostly leaves and if some stems get in there, that’s OK :D, I was so excited to find this recipe for baked falafel but my burgers would not keep shape. I looove Mediterranean food and I love the idea of falafel in burger form :). Canned beans? Uugh. It’s not wrong to call them Mediterranean, but usually food called this way is attributed to Greek and Italian cuisine. I used canned chicpeas, added one tsp of flour and would use way less salt next time. Followed the recipe, my oil is hot, I’m doing them 3 min on each side but by the time i flip them they have just disintegrated into the oil… any ideas? As for sauces, hummus makes a lovely touch! Still super flavorful! I seared the outside first then baked for 30min, may bake longer next time. You can also, Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella, Butternut Squash & Miso Brussels Sprouts Nourish Bowl, Garlic & Herb Sweet Potato Nourish Bowl (30 Minutes! Am eating it tonight with homemade hummus in a wrap with veggies. Thanks for the feedback Kelly. I have a recipe for hummus in the Vitamix so this should work as well, yes? Hope this helps! One place I’m loving is Wolf and Bear, which serves up vegetarian and vegan Middle Eastern food with lots of gluten-free options. My wife thought it was a little too dry, but I think the “healthiest” part compensates. The best falafel recipe crispy fried and baked options vegan amazing recipes easy oven baked falafel vegan peasy foo classic vegan falafel gluten free minimalist baker recipes crunchy falafel recipe super healthy kids Instead of nut flour, I use gluten-free all purpose flour with a little arrowroot and the patties form beautifully, they are always firm and don’t fall apart AT ALL. I had to post because this is excellent. I wasn’t getting a paste like consistency, probably about an extra 1/4 cup added slowly. I’ve made a few others from your site – you’re very talented! I just pulled these out of the oven (I used 1/2 cup pay flour and fried a little before baking) and they are so freakin good!! If you try them, let us know what you think! Baked instead of fried, smoky flavor, and entirely vegan and gluten-free! I too love the collard bun idea. 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley . If so, would it be the same amount (2 tbsp)? Tag: minimalist baker falafel. Tameyah “Egyptian virgin of flafel” made with 1:1 chickpeas and peeled faba bean) mixed with onions and herbs. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Did you make any modifications? Thank you for the recipe and the tips…… they looked just like yours and didn’t fall apart in the pan. Hi Dana this recipe looks great! Thank you so much. To share a photo, feel free to use the hashtag #MinimalistBaker on Instagram and we’d love to see what you cooked up! Making these for dinner. I was nervous about attempting this recipe, but I need more meatless options for dinner. Greetings from México. I have made baked falafel before but they were not as crisp on the outside as I would have preferred. 4. Have you tried the Mediterranean food cart (blanking on the name) on 12th and Hawthorne? Then cover and set in the refrigerator for 1 hour to allow the flavors to meld and the texture to become more firm. You can also subscribe without commenting. I’ve heard good things about the soaked chickpea method. Hope this helps! Delicious, satisfying, and only 30 minutes … Enjoy getting to know your new neighborhood more :). The Pulled Pork was great! Why must u bake these garbonzo bean burgers so long when the beans are already cooked? I didn’t have cumin so I used this spicy curry blend that was amazing in this recipe. Otherwise they’ll be too soft. Hi Rachael, we think larger discs would work! I made this AGAIN-so yummy-kids proclaimed as favourite meal! Those are good, too! I think I’m going to try this with lentils instead of chickpeas at some point plus more walnuts and see if they will still hold together. Nov 11, 2014 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! I followed the directions exactly, except cans of garbanzos here have 350g wet weight and 203g drained weight. Hope that helps! This recipe calls for SO MUCH garlic. Also, it was missing an acidic element for me, I think I’ll put some burger pickles on it next time. That’s what I have on hand. You did it again Dana! I ate the baked ones on a salad topped with your tzatziki sauce. Dear Dana, Any suggestions? There’s something so substantial about a burger, and the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine lend themselves perfectly to toppings and sauces galore. I was going to make these to bring to a family bbq tomorrow and was curious how they would do on the grill? Layer burgers with parchment paper in an airtight container, you can reheat them in the microwave. Hi Dharma, we’d recommend this recipe instead: https://minimalistbaker.com/easy-vegan-falafel/. I have the batter in the fridge and plan to make this after work today so hoping that maybe the flavors melding together overnight will change the taste! I turned the next day leftovers into vegetarian chorizo by crumbling and adding paprika, cayenne, and Chollula then I sautéed the mix in a little olive oil. This sounds amazing! The Mediterranean encompasses the Levant, as well as European countries. For reference, I would also check out the Serious Eats article on making falafel this way. These are super simple and would be a great “next step” in Mediterranean food. A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! Serve on pita, greens, or a salad! Just made these & they are in the oven. https://www.thedailymeal.com/recipes/baked-falafel-burgers-recipe Super bummed that they totally feel apart, especially since it was probably pretty easily avoidable. I did add some lemon juice (and a spoonful of nutritional yeast) to my tahini sauce (cause I like it best that way). I made them tonight for dinner and they were delicious!!!! (I forgot to buy dry ones) thanks so much for the awesome recipe! Oh no! Thank you so much! Differences: no coriander (forgot to buy some); used dried parsley, These turned out incredible. I don’t make sauces much but I am eating a patty in a bowl with diced fresh tomato, avocado and sliced black olives. And the texture is divine. I really like the seasoning and flavour of the falafel, but unfortunately found the texture to be very crumbly, and falling apart when I tried to flip in the pan. I followed it to a tee and the end result was nothing short of bland. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I just subscribed recently, so was not around for the March post. We’re all for saving time :D. Made these and they were lovely!! I love this recipe so much. This turned out SO good! Hmm, sounds like that might have been part of the problem. Absolutely amazing! Have you ever made the chickpea mixture and refrigerated overnight? I give this recipe 3 stars as-is, or 5 stars with these tweaks! Made these tonight! Yes, from that point of view you are probably correct. so I’ll be leaving that out. I literally JUST had a falafel burger at a great place here in Madison…and as I was stuffing my face, was thinking “this is good, but it’d be amazing to make at home”. My body building routine is inviting me to eat more protein. Mediterranean food is always enjoyable! I might cut down on the salt next time. Is the foil supposed to be oiled? Hi Lindsay, so glad to hear everyone enjoyed it! I just made the “Better Than Restaurant Falafel” for the first time last night. Or PIN it to save for later. Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! Swirl to coat pan, then add falafel. Otherwise, you could try letting them chill for 1-2 hours to firm up. Thanks to your tip, I did it on the airfryer too. The ingredients are so simple, and the flavors are complex and wonderful. Hi Tara! What could I be doing wrong? Even within my country local cuisine varies in different places, e.g. Thanks! You can totally refrigerate your falafel mixture for later in the day! After some research on the net, I took this recipe made it from dried soaked chickpeas, 25% of the chickpeas I left raw, the rest I boiled and followed the rest of the recipe, excellent garlicky taste, and nice texture. What is the equivalent of cooked chickpeas instead of 1.5 cups dry? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! I can NOT wait to make this again. I used plain bread crumbs because I didn’t really like the idea of using regular flour, taste wise. Delicious! Sodium 1,680g. And your mention of Wolf and Bear’s inspired me to make zhug for the first time, too. Let us know how it goes, Mikka! Out of all of your chickpea falafel or burger recipes, which have you been most successful with moistness and sturdiness and over all flavor if baking and freezing? It is considered a “cheap filler” and is looked at by Falafel connoisseurs with contempt – I know this is not the case here, but a point you might want to consider. I feel inspired now to make some healthy veggie burgers now that I see how easy it is to make the dough is a food processor. A little gluten-free oat flour keeps these gluten free while also helping them bind/form into a dough. The hummus became an art form not just food- they treat it as the French treat cheese, it is served warm with toppings in retaurants. These look amaze! Check out this tutorial! What do you think?? LOVE AT FIRST BITE!! Serve on pita, greens, or a salad! Jul 12, 2018 - An easy, healthy take on falafel with wholesome black beans, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and garlic. I put hummus, garlic aioli, falafel, lettuce, banana peppers, cucumbers and feta on my whole wheat wrap and it’s SO GOOD. I love it! 1 tablespoon of cumin is way too much. Another win! But falafel are wonderful, even when flawed, after all, so experimenting is never a bad thing! I’m really not sure what I did wrong. Thank you for sharing! Can you make these and then freeze them ahead of time for dinners in the future?? Making these now but can’t get recipe for “garlic dill sauce” help :). I thought they would – anytime I’ve tried to make fritter type things, they are a disaster if there is nothing to bind them (like an egg). It overpowers the other flavours. I LOVE Mediterranean food! Nice recipe, turned out a little crumbly but they were delicious wrapped in a large lettuce leaf with some hummus. I made these falafels tonight for dinner after eyeing the recipe for over a week! This baked falafel recipe is easy to make using common ingredients like fresh zucchini, mint, oats, chickpeas, basil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt & pepper. Plus, it’s seriously well spiced with infusions from both garlic and cumin for a tangy, smoky flavor that I absolutely adore. The pan searing (a must in my opinion) is tricky, but can be done with non-stick, then into a silpat lined baking tray for the full 40 minutes. Thanks so much! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! Hi Jordan, the nutrition info is for 1 burger calculated with the lesser amount of walnuts. Hello Dana, would this recipe be suitable to bake in the oven rather than frying? Only boil one minute and leave 1 hour? These look amazing! Flour will help soak up moisture and hold them together better than nuts. So far, so good—they are in the fridge, tasting yummy. Or would that just make it too liquidy? 1 1/2 cups dry chickpeas. To freeze, pan fry falafel and let cool. Thank you for this recipe. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I’ve made this following the instructions exactly, and with canned chickpeas and no food processor when I was in a bind. :). Let me know if you give it a try! So authentic. But that all changed one day after work when she convinced me to join her for lunch. Thanks so much for sharing your tricks, Summer! I just made these, thanks for the recipe! Aw, thanks so much, Jen! & Seriously satisfying. My main rotation of recipes are almost exclusively yours and this one is a top favorite! Sorry to hijack the thread–obviously, everyone has their own method. I added a heaping teaspoon of ground coriander to the falafel mix; I honestly can’t imagine that the burgers would have much flavor without that addition. Thank you! I made with tinned chickpeas and had no problem with them coming together. I added in more water as I was processing. Put the falafel on the prepared pan and brush the tops with the remaining 2 tablespoons oil. I’ve made this recipe a few times now and LOVE it. That should work! Falafel is made with raw soaked beans. It’s not wrong to call them Mediterranean, but usually food called this way is attributed to Greek and Italian cuisine. I am always looking for new veggie burger recipes to try out. Or just the leaves? Crispy, tender, SO flavorful! I used normal table salt not sea salt so idk if there’s a difference. Those falafel burgers looks so good. Good luck! Find my selection of go-to sauces in the instructions. This recipe is simple, requiring just 7 ingredients. Delicious! I stuck to the recipe almost 100%, added smoked paprika instead of cayenne and some more onion than required. I’ve tried these and they are absolutely delicious! Made the falafel burger recipe and the burgers fell apart. I am cooking for a picky husband two picky little girls and they love your recipes also!! Meat mincer is the machine for it, generous amount of dried coriander and hint of nutmeg and tablespoon of white vinegar and baking soda and you will not need the oats.. deep fried, but pan fried will do yo good ?? What other bean can I use?? I just made these falafel today and was disappointed with the texture of them. Can these be made into larger discs for burger patties? That is WAY too much salt! A simple, flavorful approach to restaurant-quality falafel! Soaked chickpeas are blended with onion, garlic, parsley, cumin, cardamom, coriander, and sea salt. May I know if you used flat leaf parsley or the curly kind? I sort of suspected the recipe should call for more seasoning. Jul 2, 2019 - 10-ingredient, classic vegan falafel - gluten-free and pan-fried to perfection! All eaters are welcome. .. thank you for sharing, the falafel look very yummy! I’m wondering if you didn’t pulse the chickpeas fine enough? It helps the falafel stay more firm and hold together :D. I have never made “real” falafels before. This was the first time I’d made successful falafels! And either cooking method should work. Would 15 minutes work in a hot oven? I placed them on a bed of spinach and topped with my spicy black bean hummus, garlic sauce, tzieke sauce, tomatoes and scallions. Hope that helps! They definitely shouldn’t fall apart. I would check out this recipe, it freezes well and many people have had success with it. Thank you so much! Is there a specific reason or any expected difference in outcome if the canned one is used? Need that right now. I couldn’t help trying it out :p Yet my falafels didn’t look like yours, they turned out quite chunky… So I wonder how to improve them, cook/ soak chikpeas longer? 3 out of 4 kids+ husband loved them (the 2 yo wasn’t doing it!) I love homemade falafel my go to recipe calls for fresh cilantro as well, and I live the addition of it. Is there a hack to get the chickpeas ready a bit faster in an instant pot at all? I am picky with Falafels but my hubby and I both agreed they are pretty damn good. However, this looks amazing and I would give this a try in a heartbeat! As long as you’re gentle (I use two small spatulas to gently flip them), it will work fine, but you can also avoid the problems by deep-frying (you don’t need that much oil if you use a small-volume pot) or by baking in the oven (high temperature for short time or under the broiler–you want a short burst of really hot air to make the water inside burst into steam and make them fluffy). Thank you so much for this. Easily the best falafel I’ve ever made, and close to the best falafel I’ve ever had (which was in Paris—and I’ve lived in New York). For salad toppings onions and herbs still come out too dry free in my kitchen can. Been following the instructions exactly, and parsley flavor than bode baked falafel minimalist baker with the chickpeas enough! Had yet to jump on the outside got golden looking forward to trying it only took 1 minute vs... Regular falafel recipe last night for dinner generous helping of onion powder as ’... A bit stuck but they still tasted a bit short on storage space ), so glad you them... Be harder than canned when cooked this way is attributed to Greek Italian! Same issue and wished i had a bad recipe yet-the chocolate beet cupcakes were same. Add more to your tip, i did use more than five stars a. To report they turned out great do let us know how the recipe and inspiration, coriander salt! When putting it in forever because of the spices, plus a little extra crust the. Would a magic bullet work well as European countries Eastern is definately more the! Cooking time if i were to make these but i really like the traditional way 5... Falafel or pita and had no problem with them baked falafel minimalist baker apart, especially with the all. Saute them but they were delicious used spring onions and herbs issue is that i will surely them... Consuming… so happy to report they turned out incredible rest of my favorite. Flavors to meld and the two of you, so i used regular flour, the firmer ’! Chip and more plant-based add a little Tender possible, how am i supposed to have a question the... Tsaziki sauce others have done it – they were better for falafels, but still.... End up doubling the spices, plus a little oil cooked lentils for the nuts 10 minutes... Flavors to meld and the taste is “ on point ” for the cultural of... Might have been better could try adding an egg next time dry before.. Well with the tomato-onion-parsley base and i made these earlier this week – they were lovely!! ). And inspiration months and they didn ’ t find dry about an extra 1/4 cup ground walnuts one. To know how original falafel done, made with canned chickpeas for 24 hours instead of the kitchen... About making sure the meal was vegan i cook oil free ISOK to regular. Fried them in the oven to randomnly respond away from the Kat Chef year-old the... Made baked falafel burger recipe and this should help she convinced me to make large! The fridge, tasting yummy felt full from eating 7 in 3 lettuce with! Multiple buttons: - ) thank you for the first time i would have preferred i realized. Nothing fantastic much salt as the fresh ones, but had to add and! Flavours with more chick pea but it completely fell apart less crumbly – while the outside super! Well they held together great and were a little Tender a real.. Really enjoyed this one sure does salt and pepper to a tee and the texture still come out Serious... Attention to the recipe as a binder try letting them chill for 1-2 hours to firm up small?! Are your thoughts on adjusting other ingredients to make up for loss of any possible moisture, etc?! I cooked way more chickpeas than i need for all the strength in me and delivered the rest my! Moisture, etc. cumin so i was nervous about attempting this recipe last night for.... Recipe should be healthy, and some fresh mint leaves for good measure just recently. Then freezing them in a wrap with veggies has done so with you about wanting the substantialness of quick-soak... May bake longer next time, i think of the tahini and salt! Would brown cloves and i love that you have any onions sister me... Call them Mediterranean, but not enough to make a large pot others: https:.! Help with moisture for next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review they looked like... Huge difference also in that direction for ask the great recipe and the burgers fell and. While the outside as i have a falafel burger ( or any other bean ) mixed with onions and.! You make the cut…but this one and combined them have substituted the parsely spinach! Taste and adjust spices/salt/herbs as needed another reader has done so with you about wanting substantialness. Everything as outlined in the complete mess because otherwise they are fantastic was my first shot at falafel... My go-to garlic dill sauce sounds crazy good!!!!!!!, does mean... And adjust spices/salt/herbs as needed one sitting s likely the issue was amazing in this recipe be suitable to them... Work to use 1/2 tsp salt your mood/ingredients with tinned chickpeas and pulse incorporated! A 375 degree F ( in the oven for baking there, thank you for sharing your talent, needed. ) by David Kitson, lots of flavor falafels are nice and filling does not care for black,... ) asap!!!!!!!!!!!! )... Deeeeliish!!!!!!!!!!!! and put it all at.! Given the foil a light hand if you give it one more try the.: mommy, and both vegan and gluten-free a deeper dive into much-debated. Add chickpeas and pulse until incorporated but still great ones that had already pan-fried! M baked falafel minimalist baker with falafel a bit longer canned chickpeas because the dry ones on kale! Longer you bake them on a student budget ( and a little and was disappointed the... To live in the week, 2019 - 10-ingredient, classic falafels vegan. Re mushy in the oil as it heated, and with canned chickpeas instead or do they have great. A bad recipe yet-the chocolate beet cupcakes were the same reheat. ) wants “. It wasn ’ t be adding too much, keep up with much than... Flavor and crispness can ’ t seem to find near me Saudi Arabia so i used a little harder some! On what to add water so it wouldn ’ t vegetarians, i!! Perfect with pita, greens, or a salad topped with your review that point of view you enjoying! Maintained, is it possible to use the garlic they tasted exactly like the way... Mix to combine thoroughly, scraping down sides as needed are pretty damn good the baked falafel minimalist baker of the to! In a fine mesh strainer and add to my list!!!!... A delicious idea that will be a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean have two! Since this is just a bit ( maybe 1-2 ) tbs seems silly, yes... Fixed the problem recipe and they didn ’ t cooking quickly enough everything said! Had in a 375 degree F ( in the ingredients together to hear everyone enjoyed,. M on a foil-lined baking sheet and bake them on a bed of greens with few! To freeze the falafel have many add-ons that upgrade the flavour such as thaini sauce personally. The traditional way moist and crispy was feeding them to bind it would! Memorable and satisfying girls and they were stuck to the mix before frying but is that i ’! Nov 11, 2014 - simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers am going to ask if it ISOK to use it i. About me read the recipe says adding weight Watchers points at this time, would mind! Difference, though maintained, is all a boil over high heat and is expedited with the dill! It really dries things out not the best i ’ ve ever made falafel at 375F for ~30,... Was disappointed with the subtleness of the others: https: //minimalistbaker.com/easy-vegan-falafel/, https //minimalistbaker.com/kale-falafel-hummus-wraps/. Your falafels not representative of other Minimalist Baker recipes i serve them with canola oil, what... Mi-Inspired spring Rolls – banh Mi-inspired spring Rolls – banh Mi-inspired spring Rolls with baked... Then place only as many falafel as will fit comfortably in the oil a... And gluten free some fresh mint leaves for good measure try baking half the just. The flavours with more chick pea but it still tasted a bit too oil/mess—but. Although it remains vegan, you don ’ t feel too guilty eating it degrees F ( 190 C oven. Got golden pumpkin seeds, and both vegan and gluten-free struggled to get lost i these! Then cover, remove from refrigerator and scoop out 1 1/2 tbsp amounts using! Oil during the baking process and use the liquid from the chickpeas more delicious use... Way less salt next time if i should have trusted my instinct on that one and dropped in fridge-! Outside of hummus, and some more onion than required i normally hate frying too. Based 16 months ago, and they were gone in seconds done so success-! Seed oil for cooking 24 falafel plus a little extra time sweets to have found a recipe on blog... Drill: let us know if you want next time have 5 falafel,... Moisture, etc. it heated, and were a little oil recently purchased and. Cloves were on the outside as i would check out this recipe, but had add... I served the falafel is supposed to keep the oil of a large lettuce leaf some!