took it a few steps further by combining red and yellow bursts of color throughout the whole email. You should order it using our service! These Photoshop and HTML email template sets feature responsive designs and multipurpose layouts for use with services like Mailchimp, … That's what J.Crew did in this email, anyway. Before you can pin a template, you have to create one. Commonly known, that email clients replace decorative fonts with web-safe ones. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, 'fa7cdf66-cde5-4ed7-a200-13a5be8c570b', {}); Originally published Apr 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM, updated February 21 2020, 13 of the Best Examples of Beautiful Email Design. Use a free email marketing software like HubSpot to create and send your message to the world. For creatives: James - Responsive Creative Email + Builder This bestselling online template builder is compatible with all major email providers, including Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, FreshMail, and more. The GUSTO is another PSD Email Template with the latest features and designs with various content and can be customized. Bold serif fonts and material design-inspired layouts mark the design style of CastelLab. This is your templates icon. And it’s most suitable for crafting emails for creative agencies, startups, and brands. Compatible with Android, AOL Mail, Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, iPad, iPhone, Lotus, Mozilla, and Outlook. figured out how to create emails that are pretty darn beautiful. You can change text, images, colors, and even the overall theme if you like! While the products all share a similar color scheme, what's really compelling is their positioning. Top 10 Best Video Marketing Templates 2021, Envato’s Hottest Creative Trend Predictions for 2021, Top Free & Premium Social Media Templates 2021, 50 Best PowerPoint Templates for 2021: Creative, Minimal & More, 100+ Creative, Mailchimp-Ready Email Templates, View DynamicXX's portfolio on Envato Elements. Hi, I've got a lot of inquiries about Canva templates for this product. A company that aims to be 'better, weirder, and more human,' Mailchimp is widely recognized for its user-friendly interface, viral podcast ads, and commitment to beautifully designed emails. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. A whopping 86% of professionals list email as their preferred communication channel. Features include: You will be able to create hundreds of different emails from just one template, the possibilities are endless with FireMail. (See what they did there? Digital and creative agencies, web development firms and freelancers, if you have a list, you better keep it engaged with outstanding content they will not be able to resist. Pre-Order Announcement email. Consumers get a lot of emails from ecommerce businesses showcasing holiday gift ideas from their websites, and this is an example of one of these emails done well. Supports major email clients, multiple layouts and colors, and comes with a drag & drop template to make a unique Mailchimp email. What other companies out there have you noticed are creating beautiful email marketing? In design, red and yellow serve as powerful color choices. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. HubSpot also recommends upgrading your email signature using our free Email Signature Generator. At the bottom of the email, you'll see a live Twitter feed showing tweets that use the conference's official hashtag. This newsletter from Starbucks covers a lot of information: instructions for the pour-over method, a call-to-action to shop for a new product, recipes for summer floats, and so on. Like the Collaborative Fund example, they also used clear, horizontal divides to separate each topic. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Make the desired changes to the template. Unlike the templates in MailChimp’s library and most other ESP’s, the Email Blueprints templates are available on Github without even creating an account and can be exported to … Our first row is the headline. For seasonal emails like this one from Harry's, you might consider using color schemes that go with the season. There's … While plain text or bare-bones emails can still be extremely effective, sometimes you want to amaze your subscribers with creative, captivating, or delightfully understated email design. Browse all 210+ Mailchimp-ready templates and many other web templates from our Envato Elements library. Create and Use Email Templates in Outlook Create an Email Template (for New Messages) in Outlook. In the Choose Form dialog box, in Look In, click User Templates in File System. It's Litmus-tested and fully responsive. Content Studio . Free and premium plans, Content management system software. Click on it to reveal your list of email templates. Export to Desktop as Responsive HTML, MailChimp , CampaignMonitor, Editable text content with WYSIWYG editor, Unlimited Pick Colour scheme and changes on the real time, Unlimited Variations and unlimited Drag & Drop modular. We especially love the textured backgrounds, as well as the ways in which they play with list and shadows. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Email templates contain prefilled data that you specify, so you don't have to re-enter the same information for each article. Our creative email signature templates have a good mix of artistic designs and a professional format that will elevate the presentation of your information. When you're an email marketer, your to-do list often looks like this: Generate opt-in leads, segment your lists, set up lead nurturing workflows, draft clear and concise email copy, check your emails for deliverability, optimize for plain text and HTML, and so on. Templates will store the subject, body, and any formatting, including colors, background images, your signature, and so on. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. You might expect a beautiful email from a company that's announcing an email design conference -- and Litmus doesn't disappoint. Press Compose to start a new email message, then go to More options > Canned Responses. Marketing automation software. There's a nice balance between text and visuals here, and the tile design makes it easy to skim through. The Radicati Group estimates that we sent 281+ … These templates have a customizable feature that you can take advantage of to incorporate your personal information, use modern, minimalist or any +More What Is a Creative Email Signature? Simply log-in, browse its user-friendly interface, and select a stunning email newsletter template. Not to mention, those bright red calls-to-action look pretty clickable ... wouldn't you agree? @lkolow. View LEVELLII's portfolio on Envato Elements. (Want to learn how to create a GIF using Photoshop? Creative Ideas for Using Gmail Email Templates. Select from thousands of photos on the web or pick from your personal collections on Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Dropbox or Google Photos. We’ll create it using the

tag, and add its font-size … Within the online template builder, it's easy to drag-and-drop until you get a unique email design, preview, and then export the ready-to-send file. These templates are compatible with all email marketing tools and now you have your time saved like never before. … This approach is very true-to-brand for a women's apparel and accessories company. In the message window, click the File tab. This template is editable and organized for Email campaigning. Quickly design and send email marketing using Mailchimp’s 100+ professional email marketing and email newsletter templates. We love this simple welcome email from Handy. Select Home > New Email, or press... Compose an Email Using a Template in Outlook. By strategically arranging the products, Apple was able to create visual patterns that alternate throughout the email. Read this.). View CastelLab's portfolio on Envato Elements. Less really is more. In the File name box, type a name for your template, and then click Save. The colorful experience doesn't stop with the email. With this Chrome extension, you can: 1) Copy someone's email template by clicking on a button from any email that you received in your inbox 2) Use our free library of pre-designed email templates 3) Upload your own email templates from Mailchimp 4) Team sharing and collaboration Great for: Newsletters Discount sales Party invitations … Thanks to that darker blue background, both the call-to-action and the white box near the bottom of the email really command attention. Mailchimp is one of the most widely-used and email platforms in the world; here’s 100+ beautiful, customizable email templates to download. You will find them in varied designs to choose … ... Creative Tools. templates contains a collection of fixed-width email templates with various layouts. Luckily, we've also got a collection of space-inspired images and graphics. (You can practically hear the coffee being poured over ice in the first image.) In the Insert section, choose the template you want to change and import it into your email message. This modern design is a smart, color-focused template that's sure to stand out in an inbox. Although many companies use a big block of color at the top of their newsletters to draw people in, the folks at. In the Compose... Insert templates. This email from GrubHub is a great example of product promotion ... because it doesn't sound or feel like product promotion at all. is often considered both bright and energizing. The email starts out with a bold burst of color, which grabs readers' attention. Save time when creating multiple email messages by making email templates. View LEVELLII's portfolio on Envato Elements. Pretty powerful, right? Sync, store, and edit all your images and files in one place. Pre-order announcement emails are usually sent before the official … Once your template email looks the way you want it to, click “File.” So, I made the templates for just Canva! These logos support the text by setting the recipient's expectation up front. Why not let a picture tell the story for you? The only creative subscription you need. Similarly, while creating an email template for lead nurturing automation, primary focus needs to be on educating the subscriber. Finally, we love that they used non-cheesy stock photos to represent their brand, which makes them more genuine and lovable from a consumer perspective. Mailchimp templates are provided by default in their template library. Instead of saying, "Hey, you like food. An email template is attached to an email activity after the activity is created. All responsive templates are optimized and mobile-ready. Unlimited downloads of stock videos, royalty-free music, photos, graphics, graphic templates & more. View DynamicXX's portfolio on Envato Elements. Best for clean, simple email templates tailor-made for your specific industry. Inspired by InVision’s clean design and ready to create your own campaign? The bright blue color is carried through to the corresponding website, making this a strong example of seamless branding. Email templates can be a saving grace if you find that you have a lot of repetitive tasks at work. They also struck a nice balance between text and visuals, and helped to make their email easier to skim by using a simple tile design. Quickly design and send email marketing using Mailchimp’s 100+ professional email marketing and email newsletter templates. P.S., we know that email design is only as good as the content that goes in the email - so while you're there, check out our library of stock photos and graphics, too. Another StampReady-created template, Saturn has unlimited colors and designs. Another template by DynamicXX, this Mailchimp template is more fashion-focused. This grid-based design is unique for an email and would catch our attention as a newsletter or creative email. Select the Home tab, then select New Items > More Items > Choose Form. Here's a much more concise email from InVision, which includes a clean design and an eye-catching color. Click here to check out more email marketing examples from our library.). Consumers get a lot of emails from ecommerce businesses, Click here to check out more email marketing examples, showcasing holiday gift ideas from their websites, using color schemes that go with the season, The Ultimate Guide to Email Design and 13 Best Practices, 10 Great Examples of Welcome Emails to Inspire Your Own Strategy, 16 Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns & How to Run Your Own. Explore our wide variety of best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts. These templates, created by LEVELII for StampReady, are also Mailchimp-compatible. Thanks to the bright blue color choice, it's easy for recipients to understand how the rates have shifted in just a quick glance. Open Microsoft Outlook and create a new email. Select More options > Canned responses, choose the template you altered, then select Save. To make this more easily scannable, the folks at Starbucks paired these short descriptions with high quality images. At the top right, click Settings See all settings. The email is centered entirely around showcasing the new product, but in this case, that's exactly what the folks who opted in to the "early access" list were looking for. Create and share beautiful email templates! To promote their winter gift set, the folks at Harry's cooled down their color scheme with traditional winter colors like green, blue, and brown. While red is known to convey power or passion, yellow is often considered both bright and energizing. Beautiful and strong, this design by Chanel uses simplicity at it’s best. The email is promoting a sale, but you wouldn't know it right away: All you see is the copy, "This is worth the scroll," along with a very long (and very scroll-worthy), high-definition picture of an ice cream cone. Here's what a few of their starter layouts look like: Mailchimp's predefined themes are a little more eye-catching: Mailchimp's templates are great for beginners, but if you're looking for something a little more unique or customizable, using a creative template from an external designer is an easy way to break out of the cookie-cutter starting points. Cloe promises '100% garbage-free coding' to assure clean, clear email templates. With product testimonial sections, upcoming events, article call-outs, and more, this template is responsive and simple. FireMail – Creative Responsive Email Template This email template comes with a very creative design. When you're an email marketer, your to-do list often looks like this: Generate opt-in leads, segment your lists, set up lead nurturing workflows, draft clear and concise email copy, check your emails for deliverability. Geez ... isn't there any fun in email marketing anymore? They opted for a simple design here, which includes a really nice use of both color and white space, making the copy and images that are there pop a little more. Create or change templates. Click Save As. StampReady is a platform that promises 'email marketing simplified'. 8 responsive themes means you can mix-and-match, and create a marketing set that's coordinated and on-brand. Want to achieve an out-of-this world look? This bestselling online template builder is compatible with all major email providers, including Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, FreshMail, and more. Thankfully, there are plenty of email marketing geeks out there (ourselves included) that do think all of that's kind of fun. Once it is done, your email design loses its charm. Download 200+ fully customizable, drag and drop email and newsletter templates. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Create an Email Template. The color scheme is consistent, relying on grey for the base, and bright blue to draw attention to the logo and calls-to-action. We love the use of consistent coloring -- especially the signature orange hue they chose for the call-to-action button at the bottom. And from now on, in order to make your responsive HTML email template creative and customized, you do not need any extra tools, like photo editors. This newsletter from Starbucks covers a lot of information: instructions for the pour-over … © 2020 Envato Pty Ltd. That social engagement factor is a really cool touch that we're willing to bet increased engagement, while simultaneously informing folks about how to stay connected at the event. Here are just a few to consider: Internal or external email newsletters (be sure to comply with CAN-SPAM legal requirements) Professional-looking thank you, birthday, or reminder emails; If you’re looking for a simple email template with a solid foundation, look no further than … Here's a product promotion email Cuyana sent to people who signed up for a new product's "early access" list. Although many companies use a big block of color at the top of their newsletters to draw people in, the folks at Collaborative Fund took it a few steps further by combining red and yellow bursts of color throughout the whole email. Image Credit: Beautiful Email Newsletters. Atellar is a StampReady-compatible template. Written by Lindsay Kolowich Cox Check out these templates from williamdavidoff. Create a new email message. This holiday email from Apple balances white space with product displays to create a really interesting experience. Creating email templates in Salesforce is seriously easy and can save you a huge amount of time if you find yourself sending out the same old emails. Professional themes. But what about incorporating graphs into emails? Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2012 and has been updated and for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. But these less glamorous aspects of email marketing -- though critical to your campaign's success -- don't paint the entire picture of what amazing email marketing really is. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '3a319a89-ebd2-48ad-94d8-a7b3cc5aa634', {}); If you're looking to dabble in something a little more adventurous for your next email marketing campaign, check out the examples below for inspiration. View CastelLab's portfolio on Envato Elements. Responsive and professional designs including PSD files. If you choose to build out your own template from scratch, import it from a URL directly into Adobe Campaign or leverage our integration with Dreamweaver to seamlessly display your code in the Email Designer. In the Save As dialog box, in the Save as type list, click Outlook Template. Mailchimp is one of the most widely-used and email platforms, with over 15 million users around the world. The best Mailchimp templates incorporate the best of these trends and are easy to adapt to your brand or personal style. Use our free template builder to create stunning HTML email templates in less than 60 seconds. If you make it to the bottom, you'll notice that the tip of the ice cream cone acts like a directional arrow, pointing recipients toward the call-to-action. This email design from Uber skillfully demonstrates the power of data visualization through the use of simple graphs. Style the Text. If you're an Outlook user, the process of creating and using those templates is quick and easy. As marketers, we know that charts and graphs can serve as an effective way to illustrate information. This could range from sending out introduction emails to leads, standard welcome letters or case notification emails. ", the email tells a story with the help of a really cool piece of interactive content: an "Eat Map." Start building your free email template now. In other words, they know that clicking through to browse more recipes will ultimately direct them to Pinterest. consistent, relying on grey for the base, and bright blue to draw attention to the logo and calls-to-action. This email from Shwood & Stanley places a big emphasis on those high-quality visuals. If you are using Office 365 (the online version) you will notice an icon in the bottom right corner of your email that looks like a blank sheet with a blue lightening bolt. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Additionally, the fanned out product images help the recipient understand what the announcement entails before diving into the explainer copy. For more information, check out our privacy policy. At the top, click Advanced. If you're a Mailchimp user, the pre-defined templates on Mailchimp are a good place to start. Starbucks. According to design site Really Good Emails, the biggest email trends of the year include full-color backgrounds, crazy font choices, quote-ready text bites, and 'tetris-like' grids. Creative Email Templates Explore more than 1,000 email templates to use in newsletters, signatures, and sales letters. ), We especially love the colorful GIF they used to promote the piece of content, as it really commands the recipient's attention. See all integrations. Cerberus. Color aside, they leveraged clean divides to separate these blocks, while incorporating different textures -- like that crumpled paper -- to create a really compelling experience. Single image email: This mistake is done by most email marketers. Customize our ready-made email templates that are compatible on both web and mobile, or use Adobe Campaign's new Email Designer to create emails without having to write a single line of code. The template also comes with access to an online template builder that … Create email templates Enable templates. Customize it any way you want. All of the templates below are available to download on Envato Elements for a minimal monthly fee! Easily tweak them with the text, photos, and icons that best fit … Create an email message template. Create an email message using the Outlook template: Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 if you have not … How to Create an Email Template in Gmail There are a few things you need to know to set up your email templates within Gmail. Solution: Transactional email templates are always supposed to be 80% transactional and 20% promotional.