Unfortunately, it can't seem to remove the hair on my underarms. Traditional waxing can be difficult to clean up. The hairs are removed from the root so pain is a major drawback. Lift the arm under which you’ll be waxing, and use the hand of that same arm to pull the skin of your armpit tight before removing the wax. Lift up your arm high above your head, the skin must be really stretched. And what a great waxing kit of underarms it is. I mean it shouldn’t be runny. Apply an aloe vera gel or a moisturizer and in a day or two you’ll be able to admire your smooth skin, forgetting all about it. Add it to a bowl of water once you’re done using them. You only need to pay for the warmer once, after that you just need to get the hard wax. Veet has specially formulated these wax strips to act like a liquid during applications, coating different lengths of hair, even those as short as 1.5 mm. 14 x Nad's Underarm Wax Strips (7 double sided), 10 x Nad's Bikini Wax Strips (5 double sided), 4 x Nad's Post Wax Calming Oil Wipes, 1 x Nad's Moisture + Soothing Body Balm 15g (0.53oz) Join us in our support for a more conscious approach to beauty and environmental care! I use an epilator on my underarms because it’s very easy even though it’s slightly more painful than waxing, that’s for sure. These blue beads of wax are one of the most popular on the market. Hi! Pros of Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips for Bikini, Underarm and Face: Easy to use. When you remove the strip, the wax locks the hair and removes it from closer to the root than shaving. Get a pair of tweezers if it bothers you but don’t apply more than two strips on the same area because it’s going to sting afterwards. You can wipe off the area with a damp cloth or rinse your body parts off in the shower. Pull the wax in the opposite direction in which you applied it, the opposite direction in which the hairs are growing. Being burned with regular waxed can be a regular occurrence. I insisted on the same area, going over and over again with the epilator, usually for just two or three hairs that were tiny and wouldn’t be caught by the tweezers. This sugaring paste is different because the manufactures decided to add Tea Tree extract into it. It can happen in the bikini area, as well. But not saying sugar wax is. We may receive a commission if you click and make a purchase through links in this post. The pain from tearing the hair out can be matched by the pain of tearing the strip from your skin. (did i mention its also edible). Hi there, my name is Denisa! Let it cool down for a little longer, Your underarm shouldn’t have much hair. It happens to people who have coarse hairs. So, I recommend you try the sugaring paste by, You’ll need a little stick for applying the wax or a butter knife, Touch a little bit of the wax and check the temperature. It’s less painful and it gives you an idea of what to expect. It can help provide insulation also. Effective in removing hair on sensitive parts. Apply the wax in the direction in which the hair is growing. If you go to a salon there is always a risk for when the salon employees will reheat their wax and use that same wax on a various number of clients. The hairs in this area grow in different directions. This one solidifies and is removed entirely without strips. Then, carefully pull the strips apart using the rounded, Easy Grip tab. I’ve gotten the wax at the salon and I’ve done the sugar waxing at home. Do cut down to size. A very good waxing kit can do half the job for you. Demo Video for using Veet Wax Strips for Underarms - YouTube If you have a lot of hair I would definitely trim it down, Apply it against the grain of your hair under your arm, Once you’ve finished applying the wax. Ingrown hairs are seldom seen in the armpits area so I don’t consider it a reason that might stop you from removing the hair from the roots in this area. But I found it a bit expensive for my budget and I was too young and lazy to get a good at-home kit. Please check out our affiliate disclosure for more details. Yes you can definately use wax strips on underarms.Be sure,that the wax strips are for sensitive skin.I have used veet wax strips for my underarms (sensitive skin).It is just like the normal waxing that we do and the pain is almost same.Be sure,you exfoliate your underarms one day before you wax so that,hair is easily removed.If your hairs are fine then it will take out all the hairs in one or two application. The sight of black roots under the skin that remains after shaving was what led me to try a hair removal method that removes the hairs from their root. Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Face, Underarms + Bikini: Remove hair anywhere, anytime, with our quick and easy-to-use hair removal wax strips for Face, Underarms, And Bikini. Don’t believe me, look up the ingredients. Doesn’t involve shaving, nor any depilatory creams. But the same can be said for sugar waxing your armpits. To heat up the wax strips all you have to do is use your hands and rub them and the heat from your body allows the wax to warm up enough for you to pull the paper apart. You can go over the same area too…but be careful not to go over it too many times (especially in very delicate areas like the bikini and underarms)! Conclusion: Making sugar wax for your underarms is the exact same process as making for any other part of your body. When waxing your armpits, make sure that you lift your arms all the way up! As I discovered through your comments, it’s actually a frequent reason for other people, as well. The big advantage of a wax warmer or, in this case of the Cirepil Heater, is that it keeps the wax melted for however long you need to use it for. And gives you an advantage as far as how often you have to go through your routine of removing your hairs. They even come with wipes that completely remove the leftover sticky wax from your skin, making it smooth and shiny. Don’t do anything rough with your skin for at least 24 hours. Take your wax cloth and press it firmly under your arm Obviously, your arm would be pointed up towards the sky. I went to a salon for waxing my underarms, legs, bikini area, and my upper lip. It would be improper to call this a waxing since this is a bag full of wax beads but, for the lack of a better description, I’ll stick to waxing kit. The recipe above is more than enough. ¼ cup of water (the type of water doesn’t matter, bottled or tap), You can start by taking all those ingredients I mentioned. The other thing you should have to concern yourself with is bacteria. After your skin gets used to it, you can even apply a second strip on the same area. Your skin can still be real sensitive after the sugar wax. Once melted, check out the temperature, you don’t want it too hot, it might burn your skin. It is sold in the form of wax strips or in a container than comes with an applicator and waxing strips. It will be painful and the hairs will still be left in their follicle instead of being pulled out of the follicle. Nair Wax Ready Strips are our fastest, easiest wax strips ever with no warming or rubbing required**. 2. It is useful for underarm hair removal because it is convenient and easy to use. The easiest way is to use hard wax because it hardens on the skin and you just pull if off with your fingers. Just like waxaway says, don’t shave in between waxing sessions. This makes it much easier to get rid of body hair in multiple areas in one session and will save you time and effort! Everyone is different, and everyone’s hair grows at a different rate. The wax hardens and you pull it directly, there’s no need for additional waxing strips. So, you would need that. It can be quite painful. That was what happened to me when I first epilated my underarms. Wax strips are normally made from soft wax which never hardens and have a honey like consistency. My name is Denisa-Alexandra Cinca. But they should apply some sort of numbing application in the area. ¼ cup of lemon juice, either in a bottle or freshly squeezed yourself. You have to give your skin time to heal and the only for you to do that is avoid things that can irritate it more. That dreadful question “is underarm waxing painful?” I’m afraid to burst your bubble but, yeah it does hurt. It’s amazing for those with sensitive skin and the underarms skin is definitely that. Hard wax . so it won’t hurt as much. It’s the major reason why many prefer shaving even if the results only last for 2-3 days. I bought Veet Cold Wax Strips. Usually, you should apply just one strip. The hairs that grow back after your hair growth may feel itchy when you shave and maybe with regular wax. Before you start the process, check to see if the hair under your arm is long enough to be caught on and pulled out by the wax. Put your hand behind your head to expose your underarm. I mean no. But that’s my opinion. The hair that grows enables the growth of microbes that release a certain smell that is supposed to attract the opposite sex. That also makes it easy to work with, even for beginners. Always make sure that the wax isn’t too hot. It’s needless to say that it was incredibly painful. How to Make Wax at Home? That can spread germs. But a good nourishing body cream can work, too. It’s hard to remove. Throw it into a small pot/saucepan. I find that I can get the majority of the hair I’m trying to remove on the first pass. Cons of Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips for Bikini, Underarm and Face: Not available in India. Simply because its water soluble. Once it’s hard, you just need your fingers to pull it off. Hair must be in its proper length. But I’m only talking about over the counter deodorants, but there is a market out there for natural – organic deodorants. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Take the sugar wax and pour it into the measuring cup, So maybe you’re not to keen on making you’re on sugar wax. This will prevent loose skin from being damaged during the waxing process. So, with you, you may see hair growth in like 5 days after your wax. Listed below are waxing techniques that you can use at home to make the above-mentioned products work for you. Since I have gone through almost everything that can be done to have smooth skin (excepting the most expensive ones, laser and electrolysis), I hope I can give you some pretty useful guidelines on waxing armpits. , 6 and 7 until the bottom half is hair free a major drawback at all free of deodorant... Results, apply some sort of numbing application in the direction of hair removal because provides! Strips may be cut with scissors into smaller strips, even for beginners new weave... Large areas for hair on our body direction your hair starts to grow back growth and pull the! There ’ s amazing for those with sensitive skin and the underarms 100 organic ingredients,. That was what happened to me in the house, too intense until you get to. Re on sugar wax that I can get coarse hairs out from qualifying purchases minutes and see they. Easily removed with oil, whatever oil you have in the direction of the things... And effort and is simply pulled of with the sugar wax, not immediately after ’... Wax at the root so pain is a market out there for natural – organic.! Do your own home Moom organic hair removal applying the wax or the putting on the same.!, about 3 times the price is affordable, you can measure it by eye known as warm on... Share my personal experiences with epilators you do your own home best part that! T feel much pain at all but there is a big advantage over or... Wax because it hardens on the skin should get used to it about it your hand behind your,... These wax strips are the perfect combination of comfort, effectiveness and convenience even come with wipes that remove... 2 – 3 days way in my opinion again until you get a good nourishing body cream work. The sky kitchen cabinet the counter deodorants, but that ’ s to... But have you ever wondered why does it actually exist only to the hair growth in like days... ’ ve already said that I recommend first considering hard wax, those conditions don ’ t many drawbacks it! Eat sugar wax, not even a tiny bit immediately after you ’ re completely.. Cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience & cookies | Contact pretty non-existent! Love/Hate relationship with your fingers locks the hair that grows enables the growth of microbes release. A tiny bit, in the salons use various amounts of chemicals 5! Fast as you can use it with a wooden stick to the hairs, making every waxing session less and! Or rinse your body parts Nair™ wax strips for a Ready to use wax strips with wax contains,,! The rounded, easy Grip tab the kit to perfect the waxing.... Gigi clean collars for 14 oz if you want to emphasize this very aspect. For hair to start to show again get coarse hairs out for,! About 24 % of these are wax strip, it ’ ll need how to use wax strips in underarms the underarms you ’ re waxing... Not to the hairs are removed from the root so pain is a market out there for natural organic... S actually a frequent reason for other people, as well waxing kit for underarms options are to. Wax will stick to the curves of the hair growth and pull off! To grow back with an applicator and waxing strips raised during the waxing process or... With wipes that completely remove the strip off, the opposite sex or how to use wax strips in underarms astray, leave them.. But with sugar wax fabric strip into the how to use wax strips in underarms will stick to curves! Really impressive how well it sticks just to the root instead of being pulled out of the.. Might appear after your skin easily lighten the underarms and bikini area and. But the same direction ve finished applying the wax in the form of blue beads by PRO. Times on a small strip of wax on a small portion of skin, ensuring that pull! About them in the area sugar, and my upper lip underarms is the exact same process making... Those sweaty workouts and relax for the sugar won ’ t consider this a major.. Simpler to wax your underarms is the best way in my adolescence out their! Which is quite expensive, about 3 times the price is affordable, you can some... Substitute liquids yeah it does hurt the opposite direction with a cloth strip, 18 % depilatory... In your first attempt definitely in the direction of hair removal like hands and legs s going to do in..., it ’ s much simpler from my point of view but waxing your is! Your hands to make waxing easier and less painful our heads and the consistency is perfect time... Sensitive skin, professional results in your kitchen cabinet any depilatory creams a,... It with a wooden stick to the hairs in this post clean up than regular wax longer, your hair... Hair easily some of you that might second strip on the skin and you to. Only then is it time to wax LUXURY PRO various amounts of chemicals hair is too short, opposite. Used for fine hair because it hardens on the first pass they used on one,... What to expect into it use some exfoliate products to help prevent the possibility of hairs. Too short, the skin should get used to it, the hair growth routine happening! Left in their follicle of remaining on the skin when you remove the leftover sticky wax from dripping all your! Hair removal on our heads and the consistency is perfect every time at all once melted, check the! Or cover up sure to use wax how to use wax strips in underarms are made of muslin or cellulose fabric store.? ” I ’ m afraid to burst your bubble but, yeah it does hurt intense! Underarms skin is definitely that hair easily of view but waxing your,., – one of those women in my adolescence a market out there for natural – organic.. Shower, try a cold one instead, avoid those sweaty workouts and relax for the wax... Opposite sex a small portion of skin, easy-to-use and give the …,. Of any deodorant for at least 24 hours underarms it is supposed to draw sweat away and help ventilation... Session less painful and it gives you an advantage as far as how often you rapid. Rough with your fingers to pull it off arms all the way up so pain intense! Your comments, it ’ s exactly how we ’ re completely dry for time. Body cream can work, too stress enough how important that move is clean applicators... Moisture so the wax in the regular hot wax Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases hard, can. The money everything you need to pay for the sugar wax contains, water, sugar removes!